Will Posting on Social Media Impact My Personal Injury Claim?

A rule of thumb to follow is that you should avoid posting on social media while your personal injury claim is in the works. This is because it can hurt your chances of winning your case and receiving compensation in a number of ways. For more information, continue reading to learn how an experienced Parsippany, New Jersey personal injury lawyer of The Macri Law Firm can guide you in the right direction.

Why will posting on social media impact my personal injury claim?

Put simply, everything pertaining to your social media accounts is readily public to the defense attorney and the insurance company managing your claim.

Firstly, the defense attorney can use information from your social media posts, pictures, videos, tags, etc., against you in the proceedings. For example, they can argue that you are not as badly injured as you expressed in your claim. Or, they can argue that you are having a good time when you claimed that you experienced a diminished quality of life after the accident.

Then, the insurance company can use this same information from your social media to minimize your payout or deny your claim entirely.

What social media advice should I follow during my personal injury claim?

Follow this comprehensive list of social media tips during your ongoing personal injury lawsuit:

  • Do not post any injuries: any posts about your injuries could provide the defense attorney and/or insurance company with misinformation that they will take as factual.
  • Do not post the accident: any posts about the accident before an investigation could result in you accidentally incriminating yourself or you risking your confidentiality with your attorney.
  • Do not post photos, videos, or tags of any location or other people: any signs of fun activities with friends and family could damage your claim, as it can be taken as your quality of life remaining normal even after your claimed injuries and damages.
  • Ask your family or friends to not post about you or with you: the defense attorney and the insurance company are able to bring information from these social media accounts forward in court, as well.
  • Temporarily freeze your accounts: at least set your accounts to private, along with not accepting any new followers.

We understand that you may want to use social media as a way to update your loved ones after your accident. But there are other ways to go about this that will not impact your case. For more advice, contact a skilled Morris County personal injury lawyer today.


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